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Grande Draille 2.0(English)

Let's ride together in South-Eastern France for 3 days on the 19th, 20th and 21st of September 2020 during the Grande Draille gravel bike event starting in Grenoble and ending up in Salon de Provence, following the old tracks of the flocks that used to travel between the alpine pastures and the mediterranean coastline when summer was over.

The itinerary follows secondary roads and forest gravel roads across the Vercors, Baronnies, Lubéron via the top of the Mont Ventoux!

You've got fancy pants or willingly look very "countryside"?

Your bike is shiny, greasy, homemade or chinese?

You are more of a sheep, a shepherd, or even a Border colley?

It doesn't matter!

If you love cycling, camping, making friends and you've got some legs, come on, join us!

-Start in Grenoble City centre on Saturday the 19th of September

-Arrival in Salon de Provence on Monday the 21st of September

Day 1: 150km - D+:3500m/D-: 3400m Day 2: 130km - D+ 2400m/ D-: 2200m

Day 3: 170km - D+ 2400m/ D-: 2200m

The 2020 edition includes new tracks compared to 2019. We offer as well an alternative on Day 2 for those who might have to go back to work on Monday.

La Grande Draille is a free event (only a 5 euros membership has to be paid on the day of the event) with no support vehicle and each rider has to be self sufficient with food/sleeping gear/spare parts/injuries

Nevertheless, we do offer you to join us in campsites on the 2 nights of the events.

Registrations before the 20th of August 2020 (limited) by email to info(at)

See you soon!

Miguel et Marco

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